Child Amber Necklace Premium - Golden Butterscotch

The Golden Butterscotch premium child necklace is made from the highest quality beads, in terms of clarity and consistant size and shape. They have been highly polished and the final result is quite beautiful.

The premium range is also available in a number of interesting combinations of shape and colour.

Your necklace will come with a natural woven pouch for storage along with a care and safety insert.

They are approximately 37cm in length.

Safety is of the highest priority at Bambeado and we have taken the following measures with all our baby and children's products.

 - We have submitted our products for testing and have successfully passed all relevant safety standards. 
 - Each piece is fitted with a screw clasp so cannot easily be removed.

 - Each piece of amber is hand knotted so in the unlikely event the necklace breaks only one piece of amber will come off.

Parental guidance is still advised for the usage of these products for kids under three years.